Laser Hair Removal

imageLaser hair removal has become a very popular and safe method for the treatment of removing unwanted hair.

At allure we use only the newest and most effective lasers, giving you the best possible service to be able to treat and resolve all your beauty needs. In fact we have over 10 years experience in aesthetics and laser treatments.

We use the nd yag 1064nm laser. This laser is special because it is able to treat mostly all skin types (type 1- type 5), using fast repetition rates and is more than capable of covering large body areas. The procedure is virtually pain free and safe on the skin.

Our ND YAG Laser Hair Removal system is the best on the market. We have invested considerably in purchasing the most up to date equipment. If you want real results and PERMANENT hair reduction then ND YAG LASER is the only solution. Other clinics are only able to offer IPL Hair Removal which is not a true laser and is not effective. Many clients come to us disillusioned after spending money on IPL and not achieving the desired results. We are always happy to help you and our results are guaranteed.

“How does laser work”?….The pigment (colour) of the hair absorbs the light energy from the laser, selectively treating every hair from tip to root, the darker and more coarse the hair, the more energy is absorbed. A course of 6 treatments, every 4-6 weeks is recommended to achieve a successful reduction and clearance. Again this can only be achieved with our ND YAG LASER. The IPL system will not be as successful.

Upon your first appointment we will assess the area and provide a full consultation and if you decide to have treatment, a test patch will be performed. Treatment can then commence 7 days after.

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